New Ways To Support My YouTube and Twitch Content! Let’s Grow This Together! SubscribeStar, Ko-Fi & Patreon are LIVE!

Heads Up! If you don’t know yet, I now have a Subscribestar, Patreon in addition to my Ko-Fi for those who want to support me with the streams and also my medical bills! And these services start with only $3 bucks!
I know we are all living in some hard times, but I do want to grow as a content creator, not only a internet thot(nothing against who does it, as I’ve been in this game for quite some time, but I am getting tired of it and I love diversify the things I do!). I know I can provide so much more entertainment, and even sharing stories of my life can also help someone who is currently struggling too similar situations that or I am currently living or already living.

I believe I can change negativity into my favor as so can you, we just need to find help in each other, uplift each other, and bring a bit of positivity in this world that is becoming so dark. Let’s together change this. Together, we can.

I have message now that I want to share with the world, I do believe more and more that everything that happened to me, came with a reason. More I talk about it to the professionals working with me, more I realize that that door that closed was actually good. That crowd wasn’t for me, and even though admittedly it still hurts to see people that I never spoke with blocked me, it’s ok, I understand that you didn’t want to hear my side. It’s all good, it’s not your fault.

I have a journey to follow. It’s expensive, so I’ve been working so much more in both irl and online, I barely sleep, but I know it will be worth in the end.

So, if you feel like contributing to my healing and also helping me produce better quality content, you can now do so by joining one of my subscription sites! The minimum support is only $3 dollars, and it means the world to me!

So check it out!
(by the way, all of the content provided mainly in those websites is SFW, but if you join any and want to check out the NSFW, you will get discount for access to those other types of content too, you just need to ask after subscribing to any of these! I offer 50% of photosets, clips and even memberships on the NSFW websites as long as you are over 18 or legal age from where you are living. Thank you for understanding!)


Patreon: coming soon! I’m waiting for them to approve!


By subscribing to SubscribeStar or Patreon, you have early access of any video that I will be uploading on YouTube! Cosplay plans updates, 3D printing and cosplay prop building and more! It’s very diverse!

Thank you so much for reading the blog and many many blessings and Love & Positivity in your life!

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