New Emote Coming Soon on my Twitch Channel! Check out the time lapse on my Vlog Channel on YouTube

I am finally able to post my time lapse for my new emote that I’ve been working on and off and postponing.

The reason to why I’ve been postponing is related to stress and depression. I’ve been struggling a lot with depression since a certain person screwed me over last year. Edit on 3/12/2021: I just don’t want to bring up this subject anymore.

So back to the time lapse, here’s it. I love Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump, so I decided to go with something like that. I like my Twitch emotes to look like SD style. This emote is for Tier 2 subscribers of my Twitch Channel. I will be returning to stream in March. I’m still fighting depression and some other issues. I hope you enjoy the time lapse and if you are willing to subscribe, that would be kick ass!

For Tier 2 Pogchamps on Twitch!

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