Comparing USA & Brazil’s Healthcare Systems. Experiences from a brazilian’s POV! Latest Vlog!

As you may know, I am Brazil born and raised and English is not my first language, but I still try my best in communicating thoughts about things and with that learn more. That’s why vlogging and blogging are interesting to me. Can’t learn if you don’t practice and listen to others.

So my latest video on my Vlog Channel is out and is all about comparing both healthcare systems in between Brazil & USA. As you know, we have a universal health care system in Brazil, but it wasn’t as easy as to get treatment, hospitals are unclean and many other issues like even corruption from healthcare employees, which I didn’t discussed because my vlogs are just there to share what I am thinking at that moment.

I hope everyone is doing good! And by the way, I took my first COVID-19 vaccine and my arm is so sore, although I didn’t feel anything when it was going in 👀

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